• Exhibit at Bethel Lutheran Church, Madison Wisconsin, 2022-23

    We are very excited to have JBG icon reproductions exhibited in Madison. The icons will be displayed through the 1st week of January 2023. Thank you to the team that brought this work out into another part of our world as we continue to fulfill Fr. John’s mission.

    -photo courtesy of Kathy Hunt

  • Madison, Wisconsin Gallery Nights

    On Dec. 18, 2022 JBG ICON finished the 3rd session of presenting John and his work. (via Zoom )He was received with open arms as 10 icon reproductions grace the walls of one of the chapels at The Bethel Lutheran Church. Thank you Dana, Ann and Kathy for hosting us.

  • JBG in Roma, Italia

    In 2014 JBG had an exhibit in the heart of his beloved Roma, Piazza del Popolo at the Church of Santa Maria. This banner hung above the entrance to the gallery and welcomed Romans and tourists to a feast of Giuliani icons. It was a special moment in time for him and those who assisted him in this big adventure.

  • JBG in the Czech Republic

    Our friend Markéta Z. from the Czech Republic gifted her parish priest as well as her godchildren with JBG icons.

    The Baptist is a 60in print and the children received their own personal images.