“My son, I love you. I desire you to know who I am. I am the ever-Virgin Mary; Mother of the true God who gives life and maintains it’s existence. He created all things. He is in all places. He is Lord of Heaven and Earth and I desire a church in the place where your people may experience my compassion. All those who sincerely ask for my help in their work and in their sorrows will know their mother’s near in this place. Here I will see their fears and I will console men and they will be at peace.”

-Our Lady’s words to San Juan Diego on 9-December-1531This painting was discovered at the St. Juan Diego Chapel in the mission church of San Xavier del Bac near Tuscon , Arizona. It was commissioned by Mary Escandon, SFO and the St. Anthony Fraternity Secular Franciscan Order, June 9 2012.

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